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A new day. We create, attract and build capital for organizations engaged in new economy markets.
Our Clients Include:

- Private Equity Funds
- Commercialization Centers
- Universities
- City, County, State Governments
- Economic Development Organizations


Best 529 Investment Option
The Fifth Third CollegeAdvantage 529 is the best 529 investment option in the country.
Women who are making a difference
Women making a difference in the commercial and public life of Kentucky.
Winning capital with Kentucky charm
Lynn Allen brings fundraising expertise to life-science ventures.
Sowing Seeds for State's Growth
Buried in the budget proposal Gov. Jim Doyle will present to the Legislature...
Selling Investors on State's High-Tech Firms
High-powered government 'sales call' gathers elite group to talk strategy on investment...
Humana gives $1 million to life sciences seed...
Humana Inc. is contributing $1 million to Kentucky Seed Capital Fund...

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